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Paws Up For Food Puzzle Toys!

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 25, 2010 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Paws Up For Food Puzzle Toys!

What do good manners and playing with your food have to do with one another?

Everything . . . if you’re a dog!

One of the best and easiest things you can do to enrich your dog’s life and lay a foundation for polite dog behavior is encourage him to play with his food. Food puzzle toys abound – nifty contraptions into which you stuff food or treats, and give to your dog to “solve” so he can eat what’s inside. Continue Reading

Blog the Change for Animals: Second Chance for Senior Dogs

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 15, 2010 ~ 13 Comments

Blog the Change

Sometimes I’m a little behind. I just learned about this terrific cause/movement called Blog the Change for Animals, which takes place today, July 15 and on 3 other days during the year. I’m adding this post to the mix hoping to inspire you to do something to help animals in need.

I’m thinking of senior dogs, the ones who are so often rejected by shelters or overlooked by potential adopters. Those graying muzzles, those slow careful gaits, those soft sweet eyes. . . I’m thinking of Rocky, a senior chihuahua-terrier shelter dog in my last East Bay SPCA humane education class, who stole my heart with his lavish affection for any and every human, his love of food and training, and his happy goofy personality. He was adopted by a family who seemed to be enamored of him from the get-go and didn’t mind his advanced years in the least. Continue Reading

Mutt Myth Exposed: Sleeping on Beds Doesn’t Make Dogs Behave Badly

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 13, 2010 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Mutt Myth Exposed: Sleeping on Beds Doesn’t Make Dogs Behave Badly

If I let my dog on the furniture or sleep on my bed, he’ll think he’s dominant over me.

I’m sounding the Mutt Myth Alert!! Let’s bust this myth one piece at a time.

First, no one can look inside a dog’s head and read his thoughts. My dog Vinnie sometimes sleeps in my bed. When he’s snoozing there he looks peaceful and comfortable, but I have no idea what he’s thinking. Neither does anyone else.

“Dominance” is a term that’s misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused rampantly in discussions of dog behavior. In ethology (the scientific study of behavior), dominance refers to “priority access to a limited resource,” and is dependent on context and the distribution of resources. This is not what most people have in mind when they say their dogs are trying to dominate them.

In my experience, what folks usually mean when they say their dogs are trying to dominate them, Continue Reading

The Truth About Tug

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 06, 2010 ~ 1 Comment

During a recent consultation, a client mentioned that though her 6 month-old shepherd mix loved to play tug, she’d decided the game was taboo. She’d heard that tug would make him “aggressive.” I’ve heard this concern from loads of dog owners. But fortunately, it ain’t so.

Continue Reading