Blog posts from September, 2010

Write a Blog Post, Feed a Shelter Dog

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | September 17, 2010 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Oh, shelter dogs! How you’ve stolen my heart again and again!

I still remember the first shelter dog I ever trained. A big handsome super friendly Catahoula hound mix named Bear. He loved people so much he’d jump all over anyone who went into his kennel. My assignment was to teach him to sit and stay when people entered the kennel.

I cried tears of joy when a couple weeks after I began working with Bear, a young man entered the kennel, and Bear sat, stayed and showed off his best behavior. He didn’t jump once and the guy adopted him that very day.

Every year, 4 million dogs in the U.S. end up in shelters. Pedigree wants to raise awareness about shelter dogs and help them in a meaningful way. That’s where you come in. Continue Reading

When Rover Gets Rusty

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | September 09, 2010 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

When Rover Gets Rusty

I’ve been off the web for a little while. As much as I love blogging about dogs and dog training, major taxing life events have interrupted. Now that I have a little more time on my hands, writing feels like a task I’m not quite prepared for. The ideas don’t flow like they used to when I was blogging regularly. Sentences feel awkward and strained. The words on the screen don’t seem to fully capture what I want to say. . . I’m rusty.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with dog training. Good question. Continue Reading