Training Philosophy

Positive training only

I use only positive training and motivational techniques with your dog. These methods are also known as force-free training, reward-based training, and relationship centered training. My methods are based on science — longstanding proven principles of animal learning theory and applied behavioral analysis, promoted and followed by respected leaders in the field of dog behavior & training.

100% cruelty and force free

I’ll never do anything that hurts, scares, intimidates or uses force on your dog. That means no yelling, no leash corrections, no shock collars, no choke chains, no pinch collars… you get the picture. Punishment-based training isn’t humane, safe or necessary to get your dog to behave politely, or to modify fearful or aggressive behavior.

You matter, your dog matters and so does your relationship

I’m committed to dogs’ well-being and to strengthening the bond between you and your dog – a wonderful side effect of positive training!

The fun starts now

Training should be fun – for you and your dog. My methods make training a rewarding game for your dog that’s so much fun, his tail will start wagging as soon as he sees the clicker!