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Dog Park Decorum

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | June 03, 2011 ~ 9 Comments

How often have you seen this? Someone walks into a dog park, fixates on his smart phone and stays that way, completely oblivious to whatever his dog might be up to.

I know, I know, it’s the uber-tech age and many humans want to be wired most of the time. But taking a dog to a dog park and not monitoring him just isn’t safe. Continue Reading

Woof Up on the GGNRA’s Proposed Doggy Bans

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | February 15, 2011 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Woof Up on the GGNRA’s Proposed Doggy Bans

On January 14, 2011, the GGNRA released its Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) and proposal to drastically limit dog-accessible areas throughout the Bay Area. Beloved leash-free areas like Fort Funston will limit unleashed dogs to small patches of land and beach, require dogs to be leashed on most trails, and ban dogs from the majority of the park. Other areas will ban dogs altogether.

Like many Bay Area dog guardians, I’m very upset about the proposed changes. Continue Reading

Dog Parks Are For Dogs, Not Puppies

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | September 29, 2009 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Dog Parks Are For Dogs, Not Puppies

This week I saw something that set off my alarm bells — a 4 month-old puppy at a local dog park. As soon as the human guardian took the puppy off leash several big adult dogs bounded up to the pup and surrounded it. The puppy retreated behind the person’s legs. The person pushed it towards the dogs gently and told it to go play. Whenever the puppy ventured onto the field, a big dog charged after it barking, other dogs joined in, and one of them inevitably tackled the pup. Each time, she yelped and scurried back to her person with her tail between her legs only to be told again to go play.

She certainly wasn’t the first person I’ve seen bring a pup to a dog park. I’m sure she meant well and thought she was doing the right thing. She probably thought it was a good way to exercise and socialize the puppy to dogs. Well-placed though those intentions may be, bringing a puppy to a dog park isn’t a good idea. Continue Reading