How to Train Your Dog NOT to Come When You Call

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 08, 2015 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Make sure Jed isn’t getting enough off-leash exercise so he has a constant surplus of energy.

Don’t bother training him to come when you call (aka, “recall”), OR,

How NOT to train this

How NOT to train this

Train recalls with Jed only in boring low distraction spots like the kitchen, the house, the backyard. Don’t practice recalls at parks or other lively public places.

Occasionally reward him for coming when you call. Give him a bland hard dog biscuit, (which he sometimes spits out).

Every now and then, do a recall to get Jed to come for stuff you know he hates, like baths.

Take him to the beach or a dog park. Take him off-leash. Wait until he’s playing with dogs or chasing seagulls, then say, “Jed, Come,” in a very boring voice, like you’re reading a grocery list.

If he comes to you, just tell him he’s good. Don’t bother to treat him. If you’re feeling generous, pat him on the head, and/or give him a dog biscuit.

If he doesn’t come to you, get annoyed, angry and/or exasperated. Make sure the corresponding expression shows on your face. Say, “Jed come. Come on, JedJedJedJed come ‘ere boy. Jed. JED. Get over here,” in an increasingly upset voice. Get loud and pace a little so he knows you mean business.

If he sidles up to or near you, grab him rather roughly by the collar, put your angry face close to his face and say sharply or yell, “Bad boy! Bad Jed! Bad bad boy!” Then, shake his collar and put him on leash.

If he still doesn’t come to you, start yelling stuff like, “Jed, get over here. NOW. I’m talking to you. Jed. Jed! Don’t make me come over there and get you! JED! COME HERE NOW.”

When Jed finally makes his way to you, approach him quickly and grab him by the collar. Yell at him with your best angry face. For extra emphasis, pick him up a few inches off the ground by his collar – just his front legs though, no rough stuff — and shake a few times while saying, “Bad Boy! This is what happens when you don’t listen. This is what happens when you don’t come when I call you.”

Keep your angry face on. Put Jed on leash. Take him home even though it’s only been 20 minutes since you arrived at the park/beach. Tell yourself that will teach him he better come the next time you call.

Question: If you were Jed, would you come the next time his human called?

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