Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | January 07, 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Ever since he was a pup, Vinnie has loved the beach. His routine is the same at every beach we visit. He races to the water as fast as he can until he’s knee deep in the Pacific. Again and again he leaps over the waves dolphin-style, arcing his body up and down in a U-shape. Then he runs back to his humans to get us to chase him back into the ocean so he can do it all over again.

Vin ocean

Day of Fun at the Beach

At the beach, he is jubilant. You can see it in every jump, in his springy gait, in the huge doggy smile on his face, in every giant play bow he presents to dogs he meets. A beach day is a super day of fun for him so I try to make it happen as often as I can.  When I can’t get to the beach, I make sure his days include other fun stuff, like playtime with other dogs, Vin’s version of soccer, tug matches and scenting games.

I know. You probably came to this blog for serious science-based information on doggy behavior and training. So why the emphasis on fun? Continue Reading

Road Trippin’ With Rover

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 10, 2012 ~ Be the 1st to Comment

Road Trippin’ With Rover

Since I adopted my dog Vinnie, a vacation doesn’t feel like a real vacation unless he goes too. Over the last few years, that’s meant far less plane travel and more road trips to dog-friendly destinations. Do I miss traveling to faraway places? Absolutely. But you know what they say about silver linings. I have two. Continue Reading

Dog Park Decorum

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | June 03, 2011 ~ 9 Comments

How often have you seen this? Someone walks into a dog park, fixates on his smart phone and stays that way, completely oblivious to whatever his dog might be up to.

I know, I know, it’s the uber-tech age and many humans want to be wired most of the time. But taking a dog to a dog park and not monitoring him just isn’t safe. Continue Reading

The Truth About Tug

By Lisa-Anne Manolius | July 06, 2010 ~ 1 Comment

During a recent consultation, a client mentioned that though her 6 month-old shepherd mix loved to play tug, she’d decided the game was taboo. She’d heard that tug would make him “aggressive.” I’ve heard this concern from loads of dog owners. But fortunately, it ain’t so.

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